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VA State Sponsored CEN Review by Jeff Solheim

Posted over 1 year ago by Kathy Ingersoll

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CEN Review Course with Jeff Solheim

October 18 and 19 2017, 0730-5pm at "The Place at Innsbrook"

About the Speaker


Jeff brings with him a wealth of nursing background, including clinical nursing in medical/surgical and emergency medicine, cruise ship nursing, flight nursing, nursing management, state surveyor, and nursing educator. Jeff currently finds his fulfillment speaking in front of audiences around the world on a variety of clinical and motivational topics.

Jeff was honored by the Emergency Nurses Association with the “Nursing Education Award” for his outstanding contribution to Emergency Nursing through education and publication and in 2008, was inducted as a fellow in the Academy of Emergency Nursing.

Jeff has authored eight CEN review books, authored the online CEN review course for MCStrategies and the ENA and has co-authored and edited numerous other textbooks, online courses and publications. Jeff is currently the co-editor of the column “Experience Talks” in the Journal of Emergency Nursing.