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Nominations for Virginia ENA Board of Directors

Posted about 3 years ago by Kathy Ingersoll

Nominations of the Virginia Board of Directors will be extended until the 9th of October in order to complete nominations. If you or anyone you know is interested in a position with the 2016 Board of Directors for the Virginia state council you are strongly advised to review the position responsibilities as outline on the state website www.virginia-ena.org. To be considered for the slate of candidates, prepared by the Nominations Committee, email your completed self nomination form, or brief bio and a digital photo of yourself to Pat Dean @ Dixie2581@hotmail.com. It is not recommended that you send a selfie.

Patricia "Pat" Dean, MS, RN, CEN
2016 Virginia President Elect
Phone: 804-748-5920
email: dixie2581@hotmail.com